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vaurienclient 0.6

Client for the TCP Chaos Proxy

Latest Version: 1.1

This is a client for vaurien. It’s a separate project to avoid getting all the dependencies of vaurien when you just want to control it.

It uses the vaurien’s APIs to change the behaviors on the proxy side.

vaurienctl can be used to list the available behaviors, get the current one, or set it.

Here is a quick demo:

$ vaurienctl list-behaviors
delay, error, hang, blackout, dummy

$ vaurienctl set-behavior blackout
Behavior changed to "blackout"

$ vaurienctl get-behavior

Using the marteau extension

vaurienclient can be plugged into the marteau mechanism, as a fixture. The fixture class lives in vaurienclient.ext.marteau.

Here is how you can make it work with a .marteau.yml file:

    - vaurienclient.ext.marteau
        class: VaurienFixture
            server: memcache
            behavior: delay
    memcache: http://memcache:0123

There are different sections that can be useful here:

  • lookup tells marteau to load the fixtures that are available on vaurienclient.ext.marteau.
  • fixtures is the list of fixtures. you give them the class to Use (here the VaurienFixture class, and some arguments.
  • And then, the last bit is the list of poxies you want to use.
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