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veriocheck 1.0.2

VerioCheck Contact Validation & Identity Verification API

VerioCheck Python library provides convenient access to the VerioCheck API calls from applications written in server-side Python script.

Please keep in mind that this package is for use with server-side Python script that uses VerioCheck secret keys.

VerioCheck provides FREE Address validation, Identity Verification, SMS Verification, Contact Data Cleaning, Name & Gender Validation, Email & IP Validation.

Signup for FREE API Keys

You can Signup for Free API Keys at VerioCheck Free API Signup


See the VerioCheck API Documentation


Install the package with:

pip install veriocheck


The package needs to be configured with your account’s secret key which is available in your VerioCheck Dashboard. Require it with the key’s value:

from veriocheck import veriocheck

veriocheck = veriocheck("YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY", "YOUR_AUTH_CODE", False)

# Example: Validates if your API Keys are valid
returnCode, returnValue = veriocheck.validateKey()
print returnCode, returnValue

# Example: Regenerates your public keys
returnCode, returnValue = veriocheck.regeneratePublicKey({"login": "YOUR_VERIOCHECK_LOGIN_EMAIL"})
if returnCode == 200:
        print ("Successful API Call ", returnValue["status"])
        print ("Error with API Call ", returnValue)


This module contains easy access to the following methods. All these methods accept (inputJSONParams, CallbackFunction). Refer to the VerioCheck.nameCheck example above. Refer to API documentation for required parameters.

regeneratePublicKey, addressCheck, verifyIdentity, cleanAndVerify, smsCreateCode, smsVerifyCode, smsVerificationStatus, nameCheck, emailCheck, ipCheck

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