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viewmore 0.1.0

Interactive image and waveform viewer.

viewmore - Interactive image and data viewer suite


viewmore is a suite of tools for interacting with data.

imview is an interactive image viewing and processing tool. It provides:

- Region of interest selection with configurable statistics
- Pan/Zoom with zoom history
- Image cross section view
- Interactive histogram and thresholding tool
- Filtering
- Binary image morphology
- Colormap selection
- Array inspection
- Figure and data save

dataview is an interactive data viewing tool. It provides:

- Vertical or Horizontal region of interest selection with statistics
- Pan/Zoom with zoom history
- Figure and data save


The library depends on chaco and traitsui, as well as numpy and scipy:

python install


pip viewmore install


easy_install viewmore


The two tools can be run as standalone programs where data can be loaded and explored dynamically (as the imview and dataview scripts). In addition, each has a class (ImView and DataView) that can be used as part of another application or script to interact with a dataset that has been pre-loaded.


Unit tests are in the tests directory, and can be run individually or using a test discovery tool like nose.