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vimpdbhook 0.2

A PDB hook for MacVIM

Using this package one can enable a hook in the python pdb such that the current file is automagically opened in MacVim and the line is highlighted.


  • Activates MacVIM, uses new tab to open debugged file
  • reuses existing MacVIM instance
  • after loading the file, the terminal program is activated (given focus) to allow for rodent-free debugging.
  • The focus-switching is done using appscript which is a python package for AppleScript.


  • Mac OS X (duh)
  • MacVim (or another gui-enabled VIM which understands the VIM server commands – currently only MacVIM)


  • install this package

  • put something like this in your ~/.pdbrc:

    # save this in .pdbrc in your home directory
    from vimpdbhook import preloop, precmd
    pdb.Pdb.preloop = preloop
    pdb.Pdb.precmd = precmd
  • make sure that you have also installed the mvim command line utility for firing up macVIM using the terminal.

  • Currently, I assume that you use “iTerm” and use a variant of mvim called vimpdb (that’s my setup). Please see below.


The package uses the environment to fetch the name of the terminal app and the MacVIM launch script

Set this to your mvim script. default: vimpdb
Set this to the name of the terminal application. default: iTerm


File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
vimpdbhook-0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2010-05-28 2KB