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virtual-node 0.0.1

Install node.js into your virtualenv

Latest Version: 0.1.0


This package is a wrapper around the `nose.js`_ sources and provides a
convenient way to install it directly into your ``virtualenv`` instead
of globally. I created this package to play around with a simple
installation for Django projects that us `django-compressor`_'s
precompiler to generate CSS from `less`_ files.

The install routine used in ```` is adapted from the
`nodeenv`_ package provided by Eugene Kalinin. The difference is that I want
to install node.js into an existing ``virtualenv`` instead of creating
a specific environment for node.

I am using this in combination with `virtual-less`_ which installs the
``lessc`` commandline tool into a virtual environment.

.. _`less`:
.. _`node.js`:
.. _`virtual-less`:
.. _`django-compressor`:


Installing the ``node`` into your virtual environment is as easy as::

$ pip install virtual-node

that should be it. You should now be able to run ``node`` from within
your virtual environment even if you have it globally installed. You
can make sure that this is the case::

$ which node

Issues & Contributions

Please let me know if you have any issues, please raise an issue
here on the github project.

If you want to contribute, fork this repository and open a pull
request with your changes. I'd be happy to include them.


Oscar is released under the permissive `New BSD license`_.

.. _`New BSD license`:  
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