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virtual-touchpad 0.11

Turns your mobile or tablet into a touchpad for your computer.

Latest Version: 0.19.1

Virtual Touchpad

This application allows you to use a mobile phone or tablet as a touchpad for your computer.

No software needs to be installed on the device.

How does it work?

A simple HTTP server is started on the computer, and the device connects by simply opening a URL in a browser.

To manually start the HTTP server, run the following command:

python -m virtualtouchpad

This will start an HTTP server. It will print the line

Starting server http://<computer name>:<port>/…

Open this URL on your device to start controlling your computer.

Release Notes

v0.11 - Translations

  • VirtualTouchpad can now be translated into other languages
  • Added Swedish translation

v0.10 - Systray on Windows

  • Added systray icon for Windows

v0.9.2 - Fixed building on Windows

  • Virtual Touchpad now supports zip-safe again
  • The build script does not fail if ImageMagick convert is not the first convert on the path

v0.9.1 - Fixed systray window on Linux

  • The systray window is no longer mapped on Linux

v0.9 - Systray on Linux

  • Added systray icon for Linux

v0.8 - Configure sensitivity

  • The sensitivity and acceleration of the trackpad is now configurable
  • Clicking is now easier and allows the finger to move slightly across the screen

v0.7 - Run from single file

  • Virtual Touchpad can now be run from a zipped egg
  • Py2exe is now supported to pack Virtual Touchpad into a single exe file on Windows

v0.6 - Windows support

  • It is now possible to run virtual-touchpad on Windows

v0.5 - Installation possible

  • Corrected snapping of bottom tool bar
  • Corrected bugs in setup script that prevented virtual-touchpad from being installed

v0.4 - Basic help

  • Made scrolling a lot smoother
  • Added basic FAQ

v0.3 - Extended user interface

  • Added support for drag-and-drop
  • Added a bottom toolbar with a fullscreen button
  • Increased size of message box text

v0.2 - Initial release

  • Basic touchpad support, with hard-coded sensitivity and acceleration
  • Basic offline support using AppCache
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
virtual-touchpad-0.11.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-04-14 86KB