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virtualenvwrapper.tryton 0.3

Tryton virtualenvwrapper plugin

Tryton template for virtualenvwrapper to be used with the mkproject command.


pip install virtualenvwrapper.tryton


mkproject -t tryton tryton_project

This command would install the current development version of tryton. The mercurial repository of tryton trunk will be cloned to the root of your project too.

You can use the same extension to make development environments with older versions of Tryton too. For example to make a development environment for 2.8 version of tryton use:

mkproject -t tryton28 tryton_project

The project folder also has an etc folder and the trytond.conf template which you could use in your project.


The templates included are:

  • tryton30 - Tryton 3.0
  • tryton28 - Tryton 2.8
  • tryton26 - Tryton 2.6
  • tryton24 - Tryton 2.4
  • tryton22 - Tryton 2.2
  • tryton20 - Tryton 2.0
  • tryton18 - Tryton 1.8
  • tryton16 - Tryton 1.6
  • tryton14 - Tryton 1.4
  • tryton12 - Tryton 1.2
  • tryton10 - Tryton 1.0

Invoke Template

There is an expecial template tryton_invoke that clones and invoke repo and executes a task called bs (bootstrap) to build all the envirorment.

To use this template you must define the INVOKE_REPO envirorment variable or pass the invoke repo route as additional parameter. The following call:

mkproject -t tryton_invoke tryton_project <invoke_repo>

Will clone the mercurial repository hosted in <invoke_repo> which must contain and bs tasks. This is used to populate the virtualenv with all the needed sources.

And example of a invoke repo can be found at:

For more info about invoke please refer to their oficial documentation hosted on

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