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vizydrop-sdk 0.6.1

Vizydrop 3rd Party Application Python SDK - Get visual

Vizydrop SDK for Python

This project provides a Python package that makes it easy to develop a third-party application integration with Vizydrop. The SDK provides everything necessary for developers to integrate their own data sources with our data visualization platform with minimal effort and only a few lines of code.

The SDK supports only Python 3.3 and greater.


Download Package

The Vizydrop Python SDK can be installed via PyPI, the Python Package Index:

pip install vizydrop-sdk

Download Source Code

Alternately, you can get the latest development source code for the SDK by using git:

git clone
cd vizydrop-python-sdk
python install


Application samples can be found in the examples <> folder within the repository.

For detailed documentation on integrating with Vizydrop, regardless of if you’re using the official SDK, please visit our developer documentation on GitBook <>

Contributing and Providing Feedback

If you encounter any bugs with the SDK, please file an issue on GitHub <>. If you are a developer, pull requests are always welcome.

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