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vmfactory 0.1.02

Automatic generation of Viennese mazes with Python

Latest Version: 0.1.03

Welcome ! The Viennese Maze factory (vmfactory) is a Python package for the automatic generation of Viennese mazes, which are labyrinths made of streets and traffic lights. Here are some examples and their solutions .

Read the full documentation here .


vmfactory requires the python packages Numpy, Networkx and Matplotlib. All these packages will be installed automatically during the installation of vmfactory, if they are not already installed.

vmfactory can be installed by unzipping the source code in a directory and running this command in a terminal

(sudo) python install

You can also install it directly from the Python Package Index with this command:

(sudo) pip vmfactory install


vmfactory is an open-source software originally written by Zulko and released under the MIT licence. Everyone is welcome to contribute on the Github page.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
vmfactory-0.1.02.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-05-05 12KB
  • Author: Zulko
  • Keywords: Viennese mazes
  • License: see LICENSE.txt
  • Package Index Owner: Zulko
  • DOAP record: vmfactory-0.1.02.xml