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vpk 1.1

Library for working with Valve Pak files

VPK is Valve’s file format for storing game assets. Pythonic access to VPK files and their contents together with a cli tool.

Tested and works on python2.6, python2.7, python3.2+, pypy and pypy3.


You can grab the latest release from or via pip

pip install vpk

Quick start

The VPK instance is iterable in the standard ways and produces paths to files

import vpk

pak1 ="/d/Steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/dota/pak01_dir.vpk")

for filepath in pak1:
    print filepath

Reading a specifc file is done by passing the file path to get_file() method, which returns a VPKFile instance, which acts as a regular file instance. Writting is not possible.

pakfile = pak1.get_file("scripts/emoticons.txt")
pakfile = pak1["scripts/emoticons.txt"]
    // An ID of zero is invalid

        "image_name" "wink.png"
        "ms_per_frame" "100"

Saving a file is just as easy."./emoticons.txt")

The module supports creating basic VPKs. Multi archive paks are not yet supported.

newpak ="./some/directory")"file.vpk")

pak = newpak.save_and_open("file.vpk")

CLI tool

A command line utility is also included

usage: vpk [-h] [--version] [-l] [-la] [-x OUT_LOCATION] [-nd] [-t] [-c DIR]
           [-f WILDCARD | -re REGEX | -name WILDCARD]

Manage Valve Pak files

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit

  file                  Input VPK file
  -l, --list            List file paths
  -la                   List file paths, crc, size
                        Exctract files to directory
  -nd, --no-directories
                        Don't create directries during extraction
  -t, --test            Verify contents
  -c DIR, --create DIR  Create VPK file from directory

  -f WILDCARD, --filter WILDCARD
                        Wildcard filter for file paths
  -re REGEX, --regex REGEX
                        Regular expression filter for file paths
  -name WILDCARD        Filename wildcard filter
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