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vr.cli 1.2

Command-line client for working with Velociraptor

Latest Version: 2.9


A command-line interface for wrangling Velociraptor swarms and automating some common operations.


The cli provides a command-line interface around the vr.common.models.


vr.cli supports several sub-commands, including:

  • build
  • swarm
  • uptests


Simply assemble a build of an app at a given tag. This routine is useful to prime an build before doing other swarm operations.


This routine will invoke the swarm operation on a swarm at a given tag:

cagey swarm MyApp-Recipe_.* 3.0 -x Recipe_Skipped

It takes as its parameters a filter of swarm name, a version number, and optionally some excludes.

The name filter is case sensitive, but the excludes are case insensitive.


This routine will provide a quick printout of all failing uptests.

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