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wadofstuff-django-views 1.0.1

Inlines support for Django generic views.

Wad of Stuff Django Views

A set of view functions and classes to extend the functionality of Django's
generic views to support inlines.


Django 1.0 or newer.


wadofstuff.django.views.create_object(..., inlines=None)
wadofstuff.django.views.update_object(..., inlines=None)

These functions are identical to the Django ones except for the addition of the
`inlines` argument. This argument consists of a list of dictionaries that will
be passed as arguments after the `parent_model` argument to
`inlineformset_factory(parent_model, ...)`.

For example, arguments to a generic view might typically look like:

crud_dict = {
# ... other generic view arguments

would translate to calls to `inlineformset_factory()` like:

inlineformset_factory(Author, model=Book, extra=2, form=BookForm)


inlineformset_factory(Author, model=Article)

The view function will create a formset for each inline model and add them to
the template context. In the example above the context variables would be named
`book_formset` and `article_formset`.

What's new

Version 1.0.1:

- Added ability to import views from wadofstuff.django.views.

Version 1.0.0:

- First public release.