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warm 0.2.1

Deploy a simple OpenStack environment from template

Latest Version: Unknown

Warm - To setup simple OpenStack environments from template

  Warm exposes APIs on Yaml files to be reused. I's good tool to setup
small environement on OpenStack.

Please report me any bug or feature. I will be happy to work on it.

Note: Warm mixup names and ids, It does not recreate resource
already exists with a same name/id.

How to use it:

  - To install Warm use pip (don't forget to check for dependances).
$ pip install warm

  - We are considering your env OS_* are already configured.
$ export | grep OS_
declare -x OS_AUTH_URL="https://identity/v2.0"
declare -x OS_PASSWORD="*******"
declare -x OS_TENANT_ID="ea262aa012f244f8af2d1687977aaa81"
declare -x OS_TENANT_NAME="my-project"
declare -x OS_USERNAME="sferdjaoui"

  - We are now ready to create our first template.
$ cat > my-tpl.yaml <<EOF
- name: srv
  flavor: m1.small
  image: cirros-0.3.1-x86_64-uec

- We can now run warm.
$ warm my-tpl.yaml

To get more information about a template syntax, see config.yaml.sample or
you can check the repositoy to find
more examples.

  You may need to install packages:

Add floating-ip
pylint, pep8
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