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weathercli 2.3.1

A command line weather tool

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You’ve spent hours, days, months, maybe years customizing your terminal. And yet so many things draw your attention away from it.

GONE are the days of wasting non-terminal moments looking up the current weather! Now, ask your terminal:

$ weather portland,me It’s 6° and light snow

Thank you, terminal–I think I will spend more time inside with you.


You can now set your location as an environment variable WEATHER and never have to type that query again!

$ export WEATHER=portland,me && weather It’s 6° and light snow $ weather It’s 6° and light snow

The query you pass in will override the environment variable, though, so you can still check how people in less-fortunate climates are faring:

$ export WEATHER=portland,me && weather “los angeles,ca” It’s 76° and sunny

Live in one of those metric countries, you say? No problem!

$ weather “tokyo,jp” –units celsius It’s 8° and sky is clear

And units can be saved as an environment variable WEATHER_UNITS as well:

$ export WEATHER_UNITS=celsius && weather It’s -8° and sky is clear

Or maybe you prefer pretty pictures. Get it, with weather!

$ weather tokyo,jp –iconify 55°☀

Read more at:

$ weather -h


Installation couldn’t be easier:

$ pip install weathercli

(This is, of course, after you’ve run easy_install pip and pip install –upgrade pip. Simple!)

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