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webcleaner 2.41

a filtering HTTP proxy

WebCleaner features:

  • remove unwanted HTML (adverts, flash, etc.)
  • popup blocker
  • disable animated GIF images
  • filter images by size, remove banner adverts
  • compress documents on-the-fly (with gzip)
  • reduce images to low-bandwidth JPEG images
  • remove/add/modify arbitrary HTTP headers
  • configurable over a web interface
  • usage of SquidGuard domain and url blacklists
  • antivirus filter module
  • detection and correction of known HTML security flaws
  • Basic, Digest and (untested) NTLM proxy authentication support
  • per-host access control
  • HTTP/1.1 support (persistent connections, pipelining)
  • HTTPS proxy CONNECT and optional SSL gateway support