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webkin 1.0.3

Send webpages to your Kindle through terminal


|GitHub license|

webkin lets you send webpages to your kindle device through
terminal. Note : Python3+ only.

Installation :

``pip install webkin``


Avilable commands :

To parse URL and send it to your kindle email id.

``webkin --url``

To change the default directory.

``webkin --url=<url> --path=</path>``

Example :

``webkin -u= --verbose``

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Pre Installation

``webkin`` depends on calibre CLI tools and uses ``ebook-convert`` to
convert ``html`` to ``mobi`` format. Please ensure that you have Calibre
installed alongwith CLI tools and ``ebook-convert`` is present in your
PATH. For OSX users, you don't need to do anything besides `installing
Calibre <http:"" download_osx="">`__. I have tested it on
Ubuntu 16.04 fresh VM and after installing Calibre, it worked fine. If
you install using `this <http:"" download_linux="">`__
method, you need to manually add ``ebook-convert`` to your path, while
if you install it from PPA, it's automatically in your PATH.


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/calibre2
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install calibre

`Source <http:"" questions="" 338172="" how-to-install-calibre-on-ubuntu-12-04="">`__

First Time Setup

You need to export tokens to add your ``Amazon Email Address`` (should
be present in your `Approved Personal Document Email
List <https:"" gp="" help="" customer="" display.html?nodeid="2019742">`__
), ``Kindle Email Address``, ``Mercury Web Parser API Key``
,\ ``SMTP Hostname and SMTP Port``. The first time setup will guide you
on how to do that.

- To obtain your Mercury Web API key, signup
`here <https:"" web-parser=""/>`__
- If you're using GMail, you need to add ```` as your
``SMTP_Host_NAME`` while the default port is ``587`` so you can skip
adding that. If you're using any other email provider, you can find a
comprehensive list over
`here <https:"" en="" kb="" email="" list-of-smtp-and-pop3-servers-mailserver-list.html="">`__
and add accordingly
- If you're using GMail and have turned on 2FA (which you must
absolutely), you rather need to add an Application Password instead
of your email password. Set a new one over
`here <https:"" settings="" security="" apppasswords="">`__


- `calibre <http:""/>`__
- `Mercury Web Parser <https:"" web-parser=""/>`__
- [@sathyabhat](\_dl/
for his clean implementation of fetching tokens in a CLI program,
which I have shamlelessly adapted for webkin.


Feel free to report any issues and/or send PRs for additional features.

Why ?

Well, there are a couple of tools to already do this task, but I
couldn't find any Open source tool which does it. Though Kindle uses a
``MOBI`` format which itself is closed source, I found the need of a CLI
application to automate this boring task for me. If you're looking for a
tool to do this but don't wanna use a terminal, you can also take a look
`this <https:"" webstore="" detail="" send-to-kindle-for-google="" cgdjpilhipecahhcilnafpblkieebhea?hl="en">`__
chrome extension. I like my stuff in the Terminal so I did it :)


MIT © Karan Sharma

`LICENSE included here <license>`__

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