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webmentiontools 0.3.7

Tools for

Latest Version: 0.4.0


Some simple tools in python to deal with webmentions.


- webmentiontools.send implements WebmentionSend
that sends webmentions.
- webmentiontools.urlinfo implements UrlInfo() that
will rerurn usefull information about a web page, like
title, the existance of an "in-reply-to" link,
the author name, the author image, etc.
- webmentiontoold.webmentionio provides a class to query

There is also the corresponting command line tool,
webmention-tools (which is also a simple example on how
to use the library.

Check bin/ on how to use the library to query and present information for all URLs that


pip install webmentiontools


Command line:

webmention-tools send `source` `target`
webmention-tools urlinfo `url`


Python code to send a webmention:

from webmentiontools.send import WebmentionSend
source = 'URL of page sending the webmention'
target = 'URL of page to receive the webmention'
mention = WebmentionSend(source, target)

Python code to get info about a webpage.

from webmentiontools.urlinfo import UrlInfo
url = 'a link to a web page'
i = UrlInfo(url)
if i.error:
print 'There was an error getting %s' % url
print 'in-reply-to link: %s' % i.inReplyTo()
print 'publication date: %s' % i.pubDate()
print 'page title: %s' % i.title()
print 'image link: %s' % i.image()  
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