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website-poller 0.5.7

Polls specified websites and alerts using system notifications.

Latest Version: 0.5.8

website-poller polls websites specified at ~/.websitepollerrc (JSON) and alerts using system notifications should some website fail to respond properly.

Define your ~/.websitepollerrc like this:

    "user-agent": "Koodilehto Website Poller",
    "websites": [



Change the paths at ./ and run it, or add the crontab entry yourself: @hourly DISPLAY=:0.0 /path/to/websitepoller > /dev/null

Make sure you have python-notify2 installed in order for the notications to work.


Make sure you have Growl and growlnotify installed. Otherwise Linux instructions apply.


No official support at the moment. Feel free to contribute.


MIT. See LICENSE for more information.

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