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wifileds 1.0.6

Library for multiple WiFi LED vendors.

# WifiLEDs Python Library

This package is dedicated to being a cohesive resource point for Wifi LED lighting through Python.

This package currently only contains the API layer for [LimitlessLED bulbs](wifileds/limitlessled) ($16/$19 / bulb), but will soon expand to [LIFX bulbs]( ($80 / bulb) which are set to ship in August/September 2013.

[Philips hue]( ($60 / bulb) may be looked at into the future, but is currently a bit [expensive]( for a full house system. Other Python APIs do exist and are linked [here]( If any one feels like they want to merge projects, feel free to reach me via GitHub.

Future products that we’re looking forward to include:

  • From [LimitlessLED](
    • 6W (600 lm) Dual White 2.4Ghz/RF Downlight (June 2013) ~$37 USD
    • 12W (1100 lm) Dual White 2.4Ghz/RF Downlight (June 2013) ~$47 USD
    • 8W Dual White Bulbs (August 2013) ~$17 USD
    • Brighter RGB+White 2.4Ghz/RF Bulbs (October 2013) ~$19 USD
    • New WiFi Bridge (unlimited groups and individual bulb control) (February 2014) ~$17 USD
    • Glass on Black 2.4Ghz/RF In-Wall Switches (October 2014) ~$9 USD

Feel free to add to the list of upcoming products and/or manufactures.

## Binary Examples

See [bin](bin) for example executables for each supported system.

## Module Installation

Install the Python module by running:

`bash pip install wifileds `

Then import the module into your code using:

`.py import wifileds `

For each submodule’s specific usage, read the in the [respective directory](wifileds).

## Coding Examples

See [tests](tests) for example scripts for each supported system.

## Contribution

Feel free to contribute code fixes, new effects, or even new WiFi LED systems via GitHub pull requests.

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  • Author: Joaquin Casares
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  • Keywords: wifi led leds l.e.d. light emitting diodes lights lamps bulbs lighting home automation network mesh future LimitlessLED EasyBulb AppLight AppLamp MiLight LEDme dekolight iLight Philips hue LIFX
  • Package Index Owner: joaquincasares
  • DOAP record: wifileds-1.0.6.xml