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wiki-base 0.2.5

A collection of wiki-like Django modules for integration with APIs. Based on wiki package.

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Django-wiki-base is a lightweight, heavily customized version of [django-wiki]( it only contains structure models (to be easily included in existing project via API).

Can I use existing django-wiki data with wiki-base?
No, sorry.


If you have a great idea, let me know; for now I'd like to keep everything as simple as possible.


So far the dependencies are:

* [django>=1.4](
* [django-south](
* [Markdown>=2.2.0](
* [django-mptt>=0.5.3](
* Python>=2.5<3 (Python 3 not yet supported)


In your Git fork, run `pip install -r requirements.txt` to install the requirements.

Python compatibility

It was compatible with Python 2.5 when I cloned from django-wiki repository (Jan 2014), but I'm developing on 2.7.
Feel free to contact me/send a pull request if something has broken (not related to plugins).

Due to Markdown using elementree, you should check that you have python-celementtree: `apt-get install python-celementtree`


* [Original wiki developers and maintainers](

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