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wildcard.foldercontents 2.0a7

better folder contents implementation

Latest Version: 2.0b4


Since version 2, this package aims to be a backport of the Plone 5 folder contents implementation.


  • better drag and drop implementation
  • Shortcuts to move items to the top or bottom of folder
  • Multi-file upload
  • shift-click selection
  • drag drop files from desktop to upload
  • change workflow
  • change tags
  • properties
  • rename
  • add menu


I’m aiming to support Plone versions 4.1 through 4.3. Each version requires that you pin a few newer versions of a few plone packages.

Plone 4.3

version pins:

[versions] = 1.1.0

Plone 4.2

version pins:

[versions] = 1.1.0 = 2.1.12

Plone 4.1

version pins:

[versions] = 2.1.12 = 1.1.0 = 1.1

Tus support

add egg:

eggs =


eggs =

Then, settings for tus:

environment-vars =
    TUS_ENABLED true
    TUS_TMP_FILE_DIR ${buildout:directory}/var/tmp

make tus directory:

mkdir var/tmp


2.0a7 (2014-03-10)

  • folder context actions now available [vangheem]
  • tus support fixed [vangheem]
  • updated with latest mockup

2.0a6 (2014-01-21)

  • another update so it doesn’t bork on old browsers that doesn’t support the File API [vangheem]

2.0a5 (2014-01-21)

  • sync with latest: tus resumable large file upload support [vangheem]

2.0a4 (2014-01-14)

  • fix upload button to upload to current directory [vangheem]

2.0a3 (2014-01-13)

  • sync with latest: add sorting, actions column, other fixes [vangheem]

2.0a2 (2013-12-15)

  • update to latest mockup project code [vangheem]
  • handle unicode filesnames for dexterity file uploads [vangheem]
  • just always default to using File objects for uploads that aren’t images. [vangheem]

2.0a1 (2013-11-26)

  • change this package into being a backport of the plone 5 folder contents [vangheem]

1.2.4 (2013-09-13)

  • fix dexterity missing import [gborelli]
  • fix use of “jq” [gborelli]
  • fix batch size [gborelli]

1.2.3 (2013-05-23)

  • handle folder not orderable [vangheem]

1.2.2 (2013-05-09)

  • fix when dexterity isn’t installed [vangheem]

1.2.1 (2013-04-02)

  • fix brown bag release [vangheem]

1.2 (2013-03-29)

  • Moved ‘Display sort order’ button to the right (#5) [jcerjak]
  • Include Products.CMFCore in zcml to get rid of errors when starting the instance (Plone >= 4.1) [jcerjak]
  • Included support for Dexterity-based filetypes in jQuery file uploads [sneridagh]
  • Fixed name normalize [jianaijun]

1.1b1 (2013-01-24)

  • upgrade jquery file upload(supports dropping files)

1.0b6 (2013-01-16)

  • Fixed js translation factory [cekk]
  • Use specific interface for file factory adapter in order to not conflict with other (like quickupload one) [simahawk]

1.0b5 (2012-11-22)

  • Fixed control in drawing sort_order column. Now doesn’t disappear when sort_on is different from “getObjectPositionInParent” [cekk]
  • Fixed error with getSize attribute when upload a plain/text [cekk]
  • Added translations (also for javascript variables with jarn.jsi18n dependency) [cekk]
  • Fixed button styles on hover [cekk]

1.0b4 (2012-11-03)

  • keep row width on manual sort
  • do not allow manual sorting when changing display sort order.

1.0b3 (2012-09-12)

  • handle collections

1.0b2 (2012-08-22)

  • 4.2 compatibility issue

1.0b1 (2012-08-21)

  • provide ability to change display sort order

1.0a3 (2012-08-15)

  • Switch to using jquery upload solution
  • provide some shift + click ability

1.0a2 (2012-08-06)

  • add missing package data

1.0a1 (2012-08-06)

  • Initial release
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