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win_unc 0.6.1

UNC network drive handling and mounting for Windows


A Python library for handling UNC paths on Windows.

With this library you can

  • Connect UNC directories to your Windows session
  • Connect UNC directories requiring authorization by providing credentials
  • Mount UNC directories (with or without credentials) to a local mount point
  • Disconnect/unmount UNC connections
  • Query existing UNC connections known by the Windows session

Full documentation is at

Report any issues on the package’s GitHub page:


To install:

$ pip install win_unc

Sneak Preview

Below is a simple example:

from win_unc import UncDirectoryMount, UncDirectory, DiskDrive

conn = UncDirectoryMount(UncDirectory(r'\home\shared'), DiskDrive('Z:'))
print 'Drive connected:', conn.is_mounted()

You can also provide credentials like this:

from win_unc import UncCredentials

unc = UncDirectory(r'\home\shared', UncCredentials('user', 'pwd'))
conn = UncDirectoryMount(unc, DiskDrive('Z:'))

Or just connect the path without mounting it:

from win_unc import UncDirectoryConnection

conn = UncDirectoryConnection(r'\home\shared')
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