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winstats 0.64

A simple Windows status retrieval module with no additional dependencies.

Latest Version: 0.70

A simple Windows status retrieval module with no additional dependencies. Wraps common system status queries from Windows’ ugly C-API:

  • Memory stats
  • Performance stats
  • Disk info, types, and stats
  • Performance Data Counters (aka PerfMon)

Supports Python 2.6 and above; WindowsXP and above.

Note: Relicensed as LGPL v3 (or later).


D:\> pip install winstats



import winstats

# optional
import locale
locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, '')
fmt = lambda n: locale.format('%d', n, True)

Memory Stats:

meminfo = winstats.get_mem_info()
print '    Total: %s b' % fmt(meminfo.TotalPhys)
print '    usage: %s%%' % fmt(meminfo.MemoryLoad)

Performance Stats:

pinfo = winstats.get_perf_info()
print '    Cache: %s p' % fmt(pinfo.SystemCache)
print '    Cache: %s b' % fmt(pinfo.SystemCacheBytes)

Disk Stats:

drives = winstats.get_drives()
drive = drives[0]
fsinfo = winstats.get_fs_usage(drive)
vinfo = winstats.get_vol_info(drive)

print '    Disks:', ', '.join(drives)
print '    %s:\\' % drive
print '        Name:',
print '        Type:', vinfo.fstype
print '        Total:', fmt(
print '        Used: ', fmt(fsinfo.used)
print '        Free: ', fmt(

Perfmon - Performance Counters:

# take a second snapshot 100ms after the first:
usage = winstats.get_perf_data(r'\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time',
                               fmt='double', delay=100)
print '    CPU Usage: %.02f %%' % usage

# query multiple at once:
counters = [ r'\Paging File(_Total)\% Usage', r'\Memory\Available MBytes']
results = winstats.get_perf_data(counters, fmts='double large'.split())
print '    Pagefile Usage: %.2f %%, Mem Avail: %s MB' % results


The examples above are built into the module, and double as a minimal test suite:

D:\> python.exe -m winstats

Memory Stats:
    Total: 536,330,240 b
    usage: 31%

Performance Stats:
    Cache: 35,921 p
    Cache: 147,132,416 b

Disk Stats:
    Disks: C, D, O
        Name: System
        Type: NTFS
        Total: 10,725,732,352
        Used:  3,160,956,928
        Free:  7,564,775,424

PerfMon queries:
    CPU Usage: 10.00 %
    Pagefile Usage: 0.55 %, Mem Avail: 347 MB

And more …

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