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wishbone 0.3.1

A Python library to write asynchronous event pipeline servers with minimal effort.

Latest Version: 0.4.10


A Python library to write asynchronous event pipeline servers with minimal effort.


The WishBone Python library offers a framework to write asynchronous event pipeline servers with minimal effort. In this context, event pipelines are best described as a collection of concurrently running modules which consume, process and produce events. Wishbone module queues are connected to one another forming a pipeline through which these events travel. Wishbone servers can be configured and controlled from from command line using bootstrap files. Bootstrap files allow to cherry-pick Wishbone modules and to define how events travel through them. Multiple identical Wishbone instances can run as separate processes offering parallel execution.


Through Pypi:

$ easy_install wishbone

Or the latest development branch from Github:

$ git clone

$ cd wishbone

$ sudo python install


Once Wishbone is installed you can try to execute it:

[smetj@indigo ~]$ wishbone
Wishbone version 0.1                                            Jelle Smet

The default Wisbone server.

/usr/bin/wisbhone command --config file [--instances number] [--loglevel level]
[--pid filename] [--group groupname]


            start           Starts and daemonizes the program into the background.
            stop            Stops a daemonized instance.
            debug           Starts the program in the foreground without detaching.
            kill            Kills the daemonized instance.
            list            Lists the available Wishbone modules in group


            --config        The filename of the bootstrap config file.

            --instances     The number of parallel instances to start. Default is 1.

            --loglevel      Defines the loglevel to use. Default is "info".
                            Possible values are:
                                info, warning, critical, debug

            --pid           Defines the location of the pidfile.
                            The default value is /tmp/

            --group         The name of the module group to list modules from.


too few arguments

[smetj@indigo ~]$

Using the list command you can check which Wishbone modules you have installed and available.

[smetj@indigo ~]$ wishbone list

Available Wishbone modules in group wishbone.iomodule:

| Entry Point     | Module                                             |
| UDSServer       |                         |
| Gearmand        | wb_gearmand.gearmand:Gearmand                      |
| InputGenerator  | wb_inputgenerator.inputgenerator:InputGenerator    |
| MongoDB         | wb_mongodb.mongodb:MongoDB                         |
| NamedPipeServer | wb_namedpipeserver.namedpipeserver:NamedPipeServer |
| TCPClient       | wb_tcpclient.tcpclient:TCPClient                   |
| UDPServer       | wb_udpserver.udpserver:UDPServer                   |
| UDSClient       | wb_udsclient.udsclient:UDSClient                   |
| DictGenerator   | wb_dictgenerator.dictgenerator:DictGenerator       |

Available Wishbone modules in group wishbone.module:

| Entry Point   | Module                                       |
| BrokerHeader  | wb_brokerheader.brokerheader:BrokerHeader    |
| GotMessage    | wb_gotmessage.gotmessage:GotMessage          |
| JSONValidator | wb_jsonvalidator.jsonvalidator:JSONValidator |
| Null          | wb_null.null:Null                            |
| Skeleton      | wb_skeleton.skeleton:Skeleton                |
| Snappy        | wb_snappy.snappy:Snappy                      |
| STDOUT        | wb_stdout.stdout:STDOUT                      |
| TippingBucket | wb_tippingbucket.tippingbucket:TippingBucket |

Available Wishbone modules in group wishbone.metrics:

| Entry Point | Module               |
| Table       | wb_table.table:Table |

[smetj@indigo ~]$

If you don't have any Wishbone modules installed yet please visit

Have a look on for example scenarios and bootstrap files.


Drop me an email or post a message on:!forum/python-wishbone

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