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witsub 1.2.1

A command line tool to download movies subtitles

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Where Is The (fuck...) Subtitle

A simple command line software to automaticaly download video subtitle.
It use the []( database and its wonderfull API.

## How it work ?


├── A wonderfull movies.avi
├── A top serie
│   ├── A top serie - S1E01.avi
│   └── A top serie - S1E02.avi
└── Not a video file.txt

Let's go...

witsub -f ./videos


├── A wonderfull movies.avi
├── A wonderfull
├── A top serie
│   ├── A top serie - S1E01.avi
│   ├── A top serie -
│   ├── A top serie - S1E02.avi
│   └── A top serie -
└── Not a video file.txt

Keep it simple...

## How to install

The simple way to install Witsub is to use the PyPI package index:

pip install witsub

or to upgrade to the latest version

pip install --upgrade witsub

## How to use it ?

It can work with file (video file) or path (recursive to video files).

-f <path>: Path can be video file or folder


-v: Display version and exit
-V: Switch on debug mode (verbose)
-l <lang>: Set the subtitle language search (default is 'eng' for English)
Use the ISO 639-2 standard (example 'fre' for French)
-w: Force download and overwrite of existing subtitle  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
witsub-1.2.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-05-02 6KB