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wmowonen.theme 0.4

Theme for WMO Wonen NH (2014)

Latest Version: 0.12


This theme uses grunt to generate CSS form less, minify JS, and create template files.

Requirements and installation: * Install nodejs and npm * Go to dev folder in this product * Run npm install

Running grunt will generate the files for you.

More on installing grunt via npm:

Install the following packages using npm install:

font-awesome grunt-contrib-concat grunt-contrib-less grunt-contrib-watch jquery-placeholder grunt-contrib-jshint grunt-contrib-uglify grunt-remove-logging twitter-bootstrap-3.0.0 less


0.4 (2014-05-12)

  • Nothing changed yet.

0.3 (2014-05-07)

  • Nothing changed yet.

0.2 (2014-05-05)

  • Nothing changed yet.

0.1 (2014-04-25)

  • Initial release
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size (md5) Source 2014-05-12 336KB