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word2vec-wikification-py 0.17

A package to run wikification

wiki_node_disambiguation - - -

What’s this ?

  • You can run “Wikification” as easy as possible.
    • According to wikipedia, Wikification is in computer science, entity linking with Wikipedia as the target knowledge base
  • You can get disambiguated result with its score.

Please visit Github page also. If you find any bugs and you report it to github issue, I’m glad. Any pull-requests are welcomed.


  • Python3.x (checked under )
    • I recommend to use “Anaconda” distribution.


python install

Get wikipedia entity vector model

Go to this page and download model file from here. Or run

To those who uses interface.predict_japanese_wiki_names()

You’re supposed to have mysql somewhere.

The step until using it.

  1. start mysql server somewhere
  2. download latest mysql dump files
  3. initialize wikipedia database with mysql

To download wikipedia dump files, execute following commands

gunzip jawiki-latest-redirect.sql.gz
gunzip jawiki-latest-page.sql.gz

To initialize wikipedia database with mysql,

% CREATE DATABASE wikipedia;
% mysql -u [user_name] -p[password] wikipedia < jawiki-latest-redirect.sql
% mysql -u [user_name] -p[password] wikipedia < jawiki-latest-page.sql

Change logs

  • version0.1
    • released
    • It supports only Japanese wikipedia
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
word2vec_wikification_py-0.17.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-03-15 29KB