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wpa_config 0.2.1

a simple config manager for wpa_supplicant


wpa_config - a small config manager for wpa_supplicant


wpa_config makes configuration of wpa_supplicant - the only sane way to use WLAN networks - a lot simpler. One of the only drawbacks of using bare wpa_supplicant when compared to unwieldy bloatware like NetworkManager, is the fact that mucking around in a single, large config file for all networks can be quite cumbersome.

With wpa_config, every network is its own file in a folder, as are the options for the wpa_supplicant. It simply merges all these files into a single file, which then becomes your wpa_supplicant.conf. It also provides utility functions for quickly generating new entries.

wpa_config does not manage the operation of wpa_supplicant. It's a config manager, not a network manager. It might add a facility to restart wpa_supplicant using your init system in the future.


wpa_config uses three primary config files and a directory for network configurations. All of these are located in the CONFIG_ROOT directory, which by default is /etc/wpa_config.


The configuration file for wpa_config itself. There are no settings so far, but there might be some in the future (for example, choice of init system to restart wpa_supplicant).


This file contains settings for wpa_supplicant, for example the ctrl_interface or the eapol_version.


This file is appended to the generated config. It's a great way to migrate your currently configured networks, no need to reconfigure them.


This directory contains the configurations for the single networks. Every file in it should be in the form "${SSID}.conf".


wpa_config has severeal subcommands which do all the work.


Create a new file in the network directory. Currently, this only works for WPA secured and open (unencrypted) networks. Specifying more options ( WEP, ad-hoc, etc) will be added later.


Delete a network in the network directory, if it exists.


Print the configuration of a network.


Open an editor (specified by the EDITOR environment variable) to change the config of a network.


List all networks configured through wpa_config. Note that this does not list networks configured in wpa_supplicant.conf.tail.


Merge all config and network files into wpa_supplicant.conf, writing it to WPA_SUPPLICANT_CONFIG (usually /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf).


Migrate your old wpa_supplicant.conf to wpa_config. This extracts all configured (and uncommented) networks from wpa_supplicant.conf, and creates single config files in the networks.d/ directory for them. This strips all comments, so be careful.


Show a help message. Same as specifying -h or --help.


  • wpa_supplicant(8)
  • wpa_supplicant.conf(8)
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