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wphp 0.1dev-r5497

WSGI-to-PHP connector

Latest Version: 0.1dev

This module allows you to run PHP processes inside of Python, using a WSGI gateway. This way PHP applications can appear like normal Python WSGI applications, and WSGI middleware routing and filters can all be applied in front of them. For instance, WSGI middleware-based authentication or authorization, routing, deployment, or styling filters (like WSGIOverlay).

You can use it like:

from wphp import PHPApp
my_php_app = PHPApp('/path/to/php-files',
                    php_options={'magic_quote_gpc': 'Off'})

And my_php_app will be a WSGI application you can embed in other Python applications.

Available in a Subversion repository, or installation with easy_install wphp==dev. (No formal release has been made yet)