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Offline-capable HTML5 web and hybrid apps for citizen science field data collection. is a suite of Javascript modules and related assets, created to facilitate the rapid deployment of offline-cabable HTML5 mobile and desktop data collection apps for crowdsourcing, citizen science, and volunteered geographic information, as well as professional field data collection. is the client component of the wq framework, and can be used with any REST service as a backend. In particular, when combined with a Mustache-capable REST service like wq.db, can be used to create responsive, progressively enhanced websites / apps, that can selectively render individual application screens on the server or on the client depending on project needs, network connectivity, and offline storage availability.

Getting Started

pip3 install
# Or, if using together with wq.db
pip3 install wq

See the documentation for more information.

Features’s JavaScript modules are built on a number of libraries including RequireJS, jQuery Mobile, Leaflet, d3, and Mustache.js. extends these libraries with:

  • wq/app.js, a high-level application controller that combines wq/store.js and wq/pages.js into a full configuration-driven CRUD client (optimized for use with
  • wq/chart.js, configurable d3-based reusable charts, including time series and boxplots
  • wq/locate.js, utilities for requesting and displaying the user’s location
  • wq/map.js, Leaflet integration for wq/app.js pages that contain geometry (loaded via GeoJSON)
  • wq/router.js, a PJAX-style pushState URL router
  • wq/template.js, A Mustache template renderer and page injector
  • wq/pandas.js, a utility for loading and parsing CSV generated by Django REST Pandas.
  • wq/store.js, a robust localForage-based JSON REST client
  • wq/model.js, a lightweight implementation of models / collections
  • wq/outbox.js, an offline queue of <form> submissions for later synchronization
  • and a number of other useful utilities

To facilitate compact deployment, provides a Python-based build process for compiling wq apps: inlining templates, optimizing code (via r.js), and generating an application cache manifest. also includes jquery-mobile.scss, a SASS/SCSS stylesheet for generating custom jQuery Mobile themes.

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