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wsrpc 0.0.2

By default this will try to use tornado

To use gevent, set the environment variable: WSRPC_USE_GEVENT

Make a web interface to a pizco served object (possibly many objects?)

Browser <-> pizco communication is handled by flask-sockets (websocket)

For my purposes I need support for:
- setting config (dictionary)
- checking when config is updated (signal?)
- calling member functions
- support for concurrent.futures

Additional things to add would be:
- support for general 'remote objects'
- support for non-standard json objects

This interface should support use of knockout.js observables so that:

web ui change <-> javascript variable <-> websocket <-> flask <-> pizco

An alternative is to 'ajaxify' objects directly. Making the pipeline:

web ui <-> js <-> ajax <-> flask <-> object

This limits connections to web protocols. Pizco is more direct.

Data values (numbers, strings, arrays, etc) should be mapped as follows:

ko.observable <-> hooks to websocket <-> flask <-> pizco

Functions should be mapped as follows:

wrapped js function <-> websocket <-> flask <-> pizco

Objects should be mapped with ko.mapping

object of ko.observables <-> hooks to websocket <-> flask <-> pizco

As a starting point, lets handle a simple ionode that supports:

1) config setting/getting [this is all through configure]
2) configure calling
3) function returning future calling

this needs:
1) mapped observable and signal handling for config
2) remote object for function
3) same as #2 and future support

use json rpc on top of websocket protocol

client ---- server
connect ->
inspect -> example proxy object
js object <- return proxy object properties, functions, etc

call method -> call proxy method in greenlet
result <- return result, join greenlet

reg signal -> register for signal in greenlet
process <- process changed event
process <- process changed event
many ...

if an object is blocking (say camera) Is it ok to just continue to block?
I think so, this makes websocket timeout? (seems to be ok with longer polling)
Perhaps futures could be handled differently  
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