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wtf-tinymce 0.1.3

TinyMCE editor extension for WTForms

TinyMCE editor extension for WTForms

1. Installation

Under your project environment run:

$ pip install wtf-tinymce

2. Configuring

2.1. Initializing module

Under your application initialization (e.g. app = Flask(__name__)) add module import and initialization:

from wtf_tinymce import wtf_tinymce

2.2. Adding template

In your create or edit templates (or custom templates with wtforms) add import:

{% import 'wtf_tinymce/editor.html' as tinymce with context %}

and under your site footer block add template initialization like:

{% block tail %}
    {{ super() }}
    {{ tinymce.init_wtf_tinymce(default_content_css='css/tinymce.css') }}
{% endblock %}

Note: default_content_css is optional parameter with relative path under project static folder to your custom stylesheet for editor content.

3. Usage

from wtf_tinymce.forms.fields import TinyMceField

class MyForm(Form):
    text = TinyMceField(
        'My WTF TinyMCE Field label',
        tinymce_options={'toolbar': 'bold italic | link | code'}

To optional parameter tinymce_options you can add any TinyMCE options (see official documentation for details.

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