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wxRemind 0.8.6

A wxPython based GUI for Remind

wxRemind has been replaced by etm_qt, which is also available from PyPI, and is no longer being actively maintained.

wxRemind is a wxPython-based front-end for Remind, a powerful calendar and alarm application. The display features a calendar and daily event list suitable for visualizing your schedule at a glance. Dates and associated events can be quickly selected either with the mouse or cursor keys, and dates in the calendar are color coded to reflect the total duration of scheduled events. wxRemind integrates with an external editor of your choice to make editing of reminder files more efficient, provides hotkeys to quickly access the most common Remind options and supports visual, sound and/or spoken alerts.

Application includes three stand-alone executable files that work on both linux and os x platforms.

1. wxremind - the main program - a gui for remind. After starting program press ? for usage information.

2. wxremalert - a standalone alert/notification utility designed to be used with remind’s RUN command. At a command prompt, enter wxremalert -h for usage.

3. wxremdata - a standalone alternative for ‘rem’. At a command prompt, enter wxremdata -h for usage.

A tar file containing all sources is also available.