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xGitGitlab 1.0

gitlab for git

GitGitLab: Gitlab Git Plugin

GitGitLab allows you to create Gitlab projects and set them as remote source for your git checkouts.


.. code::

        sudo pip install gitgitlab


.. code::

        $ git init
        $ git touch 'readme.txt'
        $ git add readme.txt
        $ git commit -am 'initial commit'
        $ git lab create my_project -t
          Project my_project created on Gitlab
        $ git remotes

Command overview

**git lab list**
        List your Gitlab projects
**git lab create <project name>**
        Create a project on Gitlab
**git lab track <project name>**
        Set this project as remote for your local repository.
**git lab open <project name>**
        Open a Gitlab project page. If <project name> is omitted, uses the project on the 'gitlab' remote of the repository on the current directory.

Listing your projects

**git lab list** lists all the projects that you own and their repository url.

Creating a new project

**git lab create <project_name>** creates a new private project on Gitlab.

**git lab create <project_name> --track** creates a new private project and sets it up as remote.

Setting up an existing project to track the local repository

**git lab track <project_name>** Adds a gitlab project as remote.

Obtaining help

**git lab help**
**git lab <command> --help**
        Help for a specific command.

More information

See also the `project documentation <>`_.
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