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xbob.db.voxforge 0.1.0

Speaker verification protocol on a subset of the VoxForge database

Voxforge offers a collection transcribed speech for use with Free and Open Source Speech Recognition Engines. In this package, we design a speaker recognition protocol that uses a small subset of the english audio files (only 6561 files) belonging to 30 speakers randomly selected. This subset is split into three equivalent parts: Training (10 speakers), Development (10 speakers) and Test (10 speakers) sets.

This package serves as a toy example of speaker recognition database while testing xbob.spkrec.

The xbob.spkrec is developed at Idiap during its participation to the NIST SRE 2012 evaluation. If you use this package and/or its results, please cite the following publications:

  1. The original paper presented at the NIST SRE 2012 workshop:

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  2. Bob as the core framework used to run the experiments:

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Just download this package and decompress it locally:

$ wget
$ unzip
$ cd xbob.db.voxforge-0.0.1a2

Use buildout to bootstrap and have a working environment ready for experiments:

$ python bootstrap
$ ./bin/buildout

This also requires that bob (>= 1.2.0) is installed.

Getting the data

The data can be downloaded from its original URL (on Voxforge) and extracted by running that takes as input the path in which the data will be stored:


In case you need a help, please contact us.

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