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xbob.flandmark 1.0.1

Python bindings to the flandmark keypoint localization library

Latest Version: 1.1.0

This package is a simple Boost.Python wrapper to the (rather quick) open-source facial landmark detector flandmark, version 1.0.6. If you use this package, the author asks you to cite the following paper:

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You can just add a dependence for xbob.flandmark on your to automatically download and have this package available at your satellite package. This works well if Bob is installed centrally at your machine.

Otherwise, you will need to tell buildout how to build the package locally and how to find Bob. For that, just add a custom egg recipe to your buildout that will fetch the package and compile it locally, setting the environment variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH to where Bob is installed. For example:

parts = flandmark <other parts here...>

PKG_CONFIG_PATH = /Users/andre/work/bob/build/install/lib/pkgconfig


recipe = zc.recipe.egg:custom
environment = env



To develop these bindings, you will need the open-source library Bob installed somewhere. At least version 1.1 of Bob is required. If you have compiled Bob yourself and installed it on a non-standard location, you will need to note down the path leading to the root of that installation.

Just type:

$ python
$ ./bin/buildout

If Bob is installed in a non-standard location, edit the file buildout.cfg to set the root to Bob’s local installation path. Remember to use the same python interpreter that was used to compile Bob, then execute the same steps as above.


Pretty simple, just do something like:

import bob
from xbob import flandmark

video ='myvideo.avi')
localize = flandmark.Localizer()

for frame in video:
  print localize(frame)
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