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xivo-ws 16.5.0

A library for the XiVO web services.

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xivo-ws is a python library for accessing the “old” XiVO web services.

These web services are provided by the web-interface. They are obsolete and will be removed soon. You should not use them in new developments, and if you were already using them, you should migrate to the [XiVO REST APIs](


On your XiVO, you must create a web service user.


~~~ from xivo_ws import XivoServer, User, UserLine

xivo_server = XivoServer(‘skaro’, ‘my_username’, ‘my_password’)

user = User() user.firstname = ‘Jack’ user.lastname = ‘Johnson’ user.line = UserLine(context=’default’, number=1001)

xivo_server.users.add(user) ~~~

More examples are available in the `examples` directory.


> users add

will pop your editor, in which you should write a Python dictionary to be sent to the WS

> users delete 32

will delete user whose id is 32.

`-v` option allows you to see what is sent and received to/from the WS.

Releasing a new version

git commit

Read version number in xivo_ws/

git tag <version>

make upload

git push –tags

Edit the version file and increase version number.

git commit
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
xivo-ws-16.5.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-04-20 47KB