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xml_marshaller 0.9.7

Converting Python objects to XML and back again.

Marshals simple Python data types into a custom XML format. The Marshaller and Unmarshaller classes can be subclassed in order to implement marshalling into a different XML DTD. Original Authors are XML-SIG (

Fully compatible with PyXML implementation, enable namespace support for XML Input/Output.

Implemented with lxml


python install


python test


For simple serialisation and unserialisation:

>>> from xml_marshaller import xml_marshaller
>>> xml_marshaller.dumps(['item1', {'key1': 1, 'key2': u'unicode string'}])
'<marshal><list id="i2"><string>item1</string><dictionary id="i3"><string>key1</string><int>1</int><string>key2</string><unicode>unicode string</unicode></dictionary></list></marshal>'
>>> xml_marshaller.loads(xml_marshaller.dumps(['item1', {'key1': 1, 'key2': u'unicode string'}]))
['item1', {'key2': u'unicode string', 'key1': 1}]

Can works with file like objects:

>>> from xml_marshaller import xml_marshaller
>>> from StringIO import StringIO
>>> file_like_object = StringIO()
>>> xml_marshaller.dump('Hello World !', file_like_object)
'<marshal><string>Hello World !</string></marshal>'
>>> xml_marshaller.load(file_like_object)
'Hello World !'

xml_marshaller can also output xml with qualified names:

>>> from xml_marshaller import xml_marshaller
>>> xml_marshaller.dumps_ns('Hello World !')
'<marshal:marshal xmlns:marshal=""><marshal:string>Hello World !</marshal:string></marshal:marshal>'

You can also use your own URI:

>>> from xml_marshaller.xml_marshaller import Marshaller
>>> marshaller = Marshaller(namespace_uri='http://my-custom-namespace-uri/namespace')
>>> marshaller.dumps('Hello World !')
'<marshal:marshal xmlns:marshal="http://my-custom-namespace-uri/namespace"><marshal:string>Hello World !</marshal:string></marshal:marshal>'


0.9.8dev (unreleased)

0.9.7 (2010-10-30)

  • Enhance egg folder structure

    [nicolas Delaby]

  • Improve tests

    [nicolas Delaby]

  • add XSD Schema

    [nicolas Delaby]

0.9.6 (2010-10-12)

  • [fix] Support boolean transformation

    [Nicolas Delaby]

0.9.5 (2010-09-01)

  • [fix] Formatting of documentation

    [Lukasz Nowak]

0.9.4 (2010-09-01)

  • [fix] Instances are now correctly unmarshalled.

    [Cedric de Saint Martin]

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