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xotl.ql 0.2.1dev

A pythonic query language, with similar goals as LINQ had for C#

Latest Version: 0.3.0rc1

This package provides an implementation of a query language for Python. The query language is based on Python’s generator expression. A query in this language looks like this:

>>> from xotl.ql import these, parent

>>> query = these(child
...               for parent in this
...               if parent.children & parent.age > 32
...               for child in parent.children
...               if child.age < 6)

The resultant query is an object that “describes” at the syntactical level the query expression above.

Full documentation kept at Read the doc.

How to contribute

You may contribute as much as you like, and by any means you feel the project may be help. If is code what you may apport; just fork this project make changes and place a pull request.

What does xotl mean?

The word “xotl” is a Nahuatl word that means foundation, base. The xotl package comprises the foundation for building reliable systems: both frameworks, libraries and an object model that allows to build complex systems.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
xotl.ql-0.2.1dev.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-04-08 317KB