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xyClass 0.1dev

Class to work with 2d data

xyDataClass 0.1dev

2d data class for people to play around with data
and learn some Python, and not worry about details of numpy,
matplotlib, etc..

Defines a Python data class 'Xydat' that contains two
numpy arrays of the same length, where one is dependent
variable (ydata) and the other is the independent variable (xdata).

Xydat objects store x- and y-data, basic statistics (mean, variance),
and has methods for common functions such as scatter
plot, linear regression between the two variables.

Helper functions defined and used:
-regress2d: performs linear regression of y against x
-makePseudo2d: makes random data to put into object

thomson dot eric (gmail)

To do before 0.2dev
Integrate package with Git to streamline development/release (
Fix axes for scat()
Add generic least squares fit using linear algebra
Add save capacity:'name')

Things to keep in mind when trying to install:  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size (md5) MS Windows installer any 2014-05-08 220KB (md5) Source 2014-05-08 1KB