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yacluster 1.0.0

Distance-based clustering tool


yacluster is a Python library which does `distance-based clustering`_ for 2D points. Only Python 3.4+ is officially supported, though other versions may work too. The project uses `semantic versioning`_ and is licensed under `the MIT license`_.


The main utility is the ``yacluster.cluster`` function which takes two arguments:

* an iterable which yields two-element point tuples, each containing:
- a two-element tuple with X and Y coordinates;
- the actual object being clustered (or its identifier);
* a distance threshold; if a point is included into a cluster, it must be closer to its centroid than this value.

The function returns an iterable of two-element cluster tuples, each containing:

* a two-element tuple with X and Y coordinates of the cluster center;
* a list of objects belonging to the cluster.

Cluster’s centroid is defined as average coordinates of the cluster’s members.


.. code-block:: python

from yacluster import cluster

points = [
((1, 1.0), 'Foo'),
((1.0, 2), 'Bar'),
((2.0, 2.0), 'Baz'),
threshold = 1.1
expected_result = [
((1.0, 1.5), ['Foo', 'Bar']),
((2.0, 2.0), ['Baz']),
assert expected_result == list(cluster(points, threshold))


Development requirements are listed in the ``requirements-development.txt`` file.

To run tests, execute ``./``.

Coding style is checked using `flake8 3.x`_.

.. _distance-based clustering:
.. _flake8 3.x:
.. _semantic versioning:
.. _the MIT license: LICENSE  
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