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yahooweather 0.10

a Python module that provides an interface to the Yahoo! Weather RSS feed.

Python modul for access to yahoo! weather


import logging
from yahooweather import YahooWeather, UNIT_C


yweather = YahooWeather(91543049, UNIT_C)
if yweather.updateWeather():
    print("RawData: %s" % str(yweather.RawData))
    print("Units: %s" % str(yweather.Units))
    print("Now: %s" % str(yweather.Now))
    print("Forecast: %s" % str(yweather.Forecast))
    print("Wind: %s" % str(yweather.Wind))
    print("Atmosphere: %s" % str(yweather.Atmosphere))
    print("Astronomy: %s" % str(yweather.Astronomy))

    data = yweather.Now
    print("Weather image from current: %s" %

    print("The woeid from Gstaad is: %s" % get_woeid(46.475661, 7.283469))
    print("Can't read data from yahoo!")

Rate Limits

Use of the Yahoo Weather API should not exceed reasonable request volume. Access is limited to 2,000 signed calls per day.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
yahooweather-0.10.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-12-21 3KB