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yep 0.4

A module for profiling compiled extensions

extension_profiler is a tool to profile compiled code (C/C++/Fortran) from the Python interpreter. It uses the google-perftools CPU profiler and depends on pprof (google-pprof on Debian) for visualization.


This package depends on google-perftools (package google-perftools in Debian). Once you have fulfilled these depencies you can install it with easy_install:

$ easy_install -U yep

or download the package, uncompress and execute the standard command:

$ python install

However, since the package one-file distribution, you can also just put somewhere in your $PYTHONPATH.


There are various ways to use the profiler. The simplest is add this module as argument to the Python interpreter when running your script and add flag -v to visualize the result:

$ python -m yep -v -- [arg] ... ...

This will create a file that can be analyzed with pprof. Execute python -m yep to get the full list of options.

It is also possible to manually start/stop the profiler from inside Python code:

>>> import yep
>>> yep.start('')
>>> # do your computations
>>> yep.stop()

This will create a to be analized with pperf.


Git repository can be found here:


Visualize the result with -v will only work on UNIX. An option –prof= would also be nice.


Author: Fabian Pedregosa <>


Simplified BSD License, (C) 2011 Fabian Pedregosa.

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