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ygl 1.0

A wrapper for the Ygl plotting library.

Ygl, developed by Fred Hucht, emulates a significant subset of SGI’s IRIS GL on X11. IRIS GL was a precursor to OpenGL. Ygl is an easy to use library. This package provides a ctypes-based, Python wrapper for Ygl. It also provides a convenient and rather simple plotting interface.

It is perhaps a lot more convenient to use OpenGL via PyOpenGL, however, I am providing this wrapper for legacy support for applications that have used Ygl. I used to provide a SWIG based wrapper but a ctypes based wrapper is a lot easier to build and install.


You will require to have Ygl installed. Under Debian/Ubuntu, this is easily done by installing libygl4 like so:

$ sudo apt-get install libygl4

If you are not on Debian or Ubuntu you would need to install Ygl from the sources downloadable from the Ygl webpage.

To install the wrapper you should be able to simply do:

$ easy_install ygl


There are a few sample examples in the examples directory of the source package. These should show you how to use both the ygl module and the yplot module. A simple example of how to use yplot is in examples/

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ygl-1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2011-02-14 21KB