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yubico 1.6.2

Python Yubico Client

# Yubico Python Client

Python class for verifying Yubico One Time Passwords (OTPs) based on the validation protocol version 2.0.

## Installation

pip install yubico

## Build Status

[![Build Status](](

## Running Tests

python test

## Usage

  1. Generate your client id and secret key (this can be done by visiting the [Yubico website](
  2. Use the client

Single mode:

from yubico.yubico import Yubico

yubico = Yubico(‘client id’, ‘secret key’) yubico.verify(‘otp’)

Multi mode:

from yubico.yubico import Yubico

yubico = Yubico(‘client id’, ‘secret key’) yubico.verify_multi([‘otp 1’, ‘otp 2’, ‘otp 3’])

The verify method will return True if the provided OTP is valid (STATUS=OK).

The verify_multi method will return True if all of the provided OTPs are valid (STATUS=OK).

Both methods can also throw one of the following exceptions:

  • StatusCodeError - server returned REPLAYED_OTP status code
  • SignatureVerificationError - server response message signature verification failed
  • InvalidClientIdError - client with the specified id does not exist (server returned NO_SUCH_CLIENT status code)
  • Exception - server returned one of the following status values: BAD_OTP, BAD_SIGNATURE, MISSING_PARAMETER, OPERATION_NOT_ALLOWED, BACKEND_ERROR, NOT_ENOUGH_ANSWERS, REPLAYED_REQUEST or no response was received from any of the servers in the specified time frame (default timeout = 10 seconds)

[1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:

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