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zc.i18n 0.7.0

Additional I18n Support APIs

This package provides additional I18n and L10n features. In particular it provides an API to compute the time duratrions over various timezones.

Detailed Dcoumentation

Time Duration Computation

The duration format code is not ideal, but as the code notes, the icu library does not appear to support internationalizing dates. Therefore, this approach tries to get close enough to be flexible enough for most localization. Only time, and localizers, will tell if it is a reasonable approach.

The formatter always gives the first two pertinent measures of a duration, leaving off the rest. The rest of the file just shows some examples.

>>> from zc.i18n.duration import format
>>> from zope.publisher.browser import TestRequest
>>> request = TestRequest()
>>> from datetime import timedelta
>>> format(request, timedelta(days=5))
u'5 days '
>>> format(request, timedelta(days=1))
u'1 day '
>>> format(request, timedelta(days=1, hours=13, minutes=12))
u'1 day 13 hours '
>>> format(request, timedelta(hours=13, minutes=12))
u'13 hours 12 minutes '
>>> format(request, timedelta(hours=13))
u'13 hours '
>>> format(request, timedelta(hours=1, minutes=1, seconds=1))
u'1 hour 1 minute '
>>> format(request, timedelta(minutes=45, seconds=1))
u'45 minutes 1 second'
>>> format(request, timedelta(seconds=5))
u'5 seconds'
>>> format(request, timedelta(days=-1, hours=-2))
u'-1 day -2 hours '
>>> format(request, timedelta(days=-2, hours=22))
u'-1 day -2 hours '
>>> format(request, timedelta(days=-1))
u'-1 day '
>>> format(request, timedelta(days=-1, hours=-13, minutes=-12))
u'-1 day -13 hours '
>>> format(request, timedelta(hours=-13, minutes=-12))
u'-13 hours -12 minutes '
>>> format(request, timedelta(hours=-13))
u'-13 hours '
>>> format(request, timedelta(hours=-1, minutes=-1, seconds=-1))
u'-1 hour -1 minute '
>>> format(request, timedelta(minutes=-45, seconds=-1))
u'-45 minutes -1 second'
>>> format(request, timedelta(seconds=-5))
u'-5 seconds'
>>> format(request, timedelta())
u'No time'


0.7.0 (2009-07-24)

  • Fixed tests to work with latest package versions.
  • The buildout now also pulls in the test extras, which is required.

0.6.1 (2008-05-20)

  • No code changes, and only a very minor documentation tweak. Re-released to avoid confusion over package versions found in the wild.

0.5.2 (2007-11-03)

  • Improve package data.

0.5.1 (2006-05-24)

  • Package data update.

0.5.0 (2006-05-24)

  • Initial release.
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