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zdhtmlxscheduler 1.0.2

Zope3 Package of DHTMLX Scheduler

Latest Version: 1.0.3

This package includes version 3.5 of dhtmlxscheduler.

This software is allowed to be use under GPL. You need to obtain Commercial or Enterise License
to use it in non-GPL projects. Please contact for details

- Updating to dhtmlxscheduler 3.5
- Factoring out themes into includable resources

- Adding missing dhtmlxscheduler resource bundles - PDF, Weeek Agenda, Offline and Mobile CSS.
- Corrrecting various resource conditions not debug/no-debug modes
  - Fixes issue where source (uncompressed) resources would be loaded in debug mode(and vice versa)
- Adding symbolic link in sources folder to point to images directory in codebase.
  - Fixes issue with inaccessible image resources in debug mode

Applied patch described here
so that dataprocessor works properly in debug mode.
Added locale_recurring.js
Added Kiswahili translations

    Supports loading JSON directly from Connectors
    Custom events rendering
    Timeline view improved (support for drag, resize, event height control)
    New 'dhx_terrace' skin
    New options for blocking dates
    Marking time intervals
    Highlighting time intervals
    New API methods: updateView, showEvent, getRenderedEvent, getActionData
    JSMessage included
    Grid view
    New configuration options
    Simplified access to lightbox section objects
    Support for 'CTRL+C', 'CTRL+X', 'CTRL+V' keyboard commands

        Version of scheduler for touch phones
        WeekAgenda view
        Netbook friendly lightbox form
        Cascade event display
        Simple way to define a color for event
        Drag and drop of the details form
        Custom buttons for the details form
        Current time marker in day and week view
        Multiline header for timeline view
        Configurable work-time bounds
        API to access lightbox values

        Map view was added
        Cell mode for Timeline view was added
        Tree mode for Timeline view was added
        Tooltips for all views were added
        Abbility to create new events by double click or by drag-and-drop in Timeline mode
        Abbility to move events by drop-and-drag in Timeline mode
        Abbility to create new events by external drag and drop
        Multiselect section for details form
        Checkbox, combo, radio - sections for details form
        Api of mini-calendar extension extended
        Custom form implementation simplified

See for details.
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zdhtmlxscheduler-1.0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-10-29 679KB
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