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zeek 0.1.5

ZooKeeper CLI for caged animals

The Z and K are for Zookeeper, the E’s are just for fun.

Break free from the menagerie of configuration. Zeek is a ZooKeeper command line application that makes it easy to see what is in all those cages. This CLI works best in ZSH.

Turn On - (Installation)

To install zeek:

$ pip install git+

Tune In - (Configuration)

Zeek connects to localhost:2181 by default. To change this you can either set the environment variable ZEEK_HOSTS or add the option -H/–hosts to the zeek command. The value should be a comma separated list of zookeeper servers to connect to e.g. host1:2181,host2:2181

Drop Out - (Usage)

The goal of zeek is to provide reasonable facimilies of the unix find and grep commands for the Zookeeper structure, so no new learning is required. Both find and grep return matches in the form of <node> - <value> where node is the full path of the node and value is the stringified value of that node.

List nodes underneath the node you specified.


$ zeek ls /animals
/animals/ -
/animals/mamals -
/animals/reptiles -
Example of find which will perform a recursive find from the root.
$ zeek find /
/ -
/animals -
/animals/mammals -
/animals/reptiles -
/animals/reptiles/foxes - ok
/animals/reptiles/snakes - rad
/animals/reptiles/crocodilia -
/animals/reptiles/crocodilia/alligators - hungry
/animals/reptiles/crocodilia/crocodiles - hungry

Zeek find is like find / -name … and searches for zookeeper nodes that match your search:

$ zeek find '*crocodile*'
/animals/reptiles/crocodilia/crocodiles - hungry
Zeek Grep searches zookeeper node values.
$ zeek grep hungry
/animals/reptiles/crocodilia/alligators - hungry
/animals/reptiles/crocodilia/crocodiles - hungry
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