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ziggurat-foundations 0.7.3

Set of SQLAlchemy mixins that make application building an easy task. Provides users, groups, permissions, resource tree handling and authorization solutions for Pyramid and Flask frameworks.

Ziggurat Foundations



Top layer to make authentication, resource ownership and permission management fast, simple and easy. In summary, Ziggurat Foundations (Zigg), is a set of framework agnostic set of sqlalchemy classes, but most of the documentation refers to using it within pyramid. It is the perfect solution for handling complex login and user management systems, from e-commerce systems, to private intranets or large (and small) CMS systems. It can easily be extended to support any additional features you may need (explained further in the documentation)

Zigg has been used (at scale) for very large implementations (millions of real users) and has been extended for custom applications such as geo-location applications that rely on pin-point accuracy for a users location. Zigg has been designed to work for high end environments, where the user(s) are at the main focus of the application (for example Zigg could become the backbone for a social media style application).

Zigg supplies a set of sqlalchemy mixins that can be used to extend models in your application built in pyramid/flask/(your-favourite-framework-here). The aim of this project is to supply set of generic models that cover the most common needs in application development when it comes to authorization - using flat and tree like data structures. We provide nearly every feature you will need in a standard application, but provide the mixins as we understand that every implementation has its own use case and in doing so, extending the base models is very easy.

Zigg supplies extendable, robust and well tested models that include:

  • User - base for user accounts
  • Group - container for many users
  • Resource - Arbitrary database entity that can represent various object hierarchies - blogs, forums, cms documents, pages etc.

Zigg provides standard functions that let you:

  • Assign arbitrary permissions directly to users (ie. access certain views)
  • Assign users to groups
  • Assign arbitrary permissions to groups
  • Assign arbitrary resource permissions to users (ie. only user X can access private forum)
  • Assign arbitrary resource permissions to groups
  • Manage nested resources with tree service
  • Assign a user o an external identity (such as facebook/twitter)
  • Manage the sign in/sign out process
  • Change users password and generate security codes
  • Example root factory for assiginging permissions per request

Ziggurat Foundations is BSD Licensed

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