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zinnia-theme-foundation 1.0.1

A theme with Zurb Foundation for django-blog-zinnia.


Zinnia-theme-foundation is a python package providing a theme builded on [Zurb Foundation 5]( for [django-blog-zinnia]( Inspired by the [zinnia-theme-boostrap](

Getting Start

### Download the package

The *Zinnia-theme-foundation* package required *django* and *django-blog-zinnia*.

You can install *zinnia-theme-foundation* with pip :

pip install zinnia-theme-foundation

If you want the dev version :

pip install git+git://

### Add the theme in django

Edit you `` and add *zinnia_foundation* in your `INSTALLED_APP` **BEFORE** the zinnia app to bypass the loading of the Zinnia's templates :

'zinnia_foundation', # BEFORE the "zinnia" app

You need to use the `django.template.loaders.eggs.Loader` template loader if you have installed the package as an egg.

At the end of your `` :




Your theme is ready to use !

### Customize the design

You can [Customize Zinnia’s look and feel]( or change the Zurb Foundation design [with Sass](

Icons are [Foundation Icon Fonts 3](

### Licence

Zinnia-theme-foundation is licensed under the [GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3](  
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